Wow, this is some of the most interesting and complex stop motion I’ve seen, especially for building something. Because it probably took 3x as long to build while filming. (via Bookcase Stop Motion)

This is short documentary on the Making of Neon Signs is very similar to me as Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The working culture in Japan and China are next to none, with so many masters of craft living in those countries, whether it’s neon signs or sushi. Impressive stuff.

霓虹的製作 The Making of Neon Signs | NEONSIGNS.HK 探索霓虹 (by wkcda)

I’ve yet to do any 3D printing, but documenting the rise of the industry seems very interesting. Looking forward to watching this.

Print The Legend - SXSW 2014 Accepted Film (by sxsw)

Another Every Third Thursday from Signal Snowboards. This time they used recycled Christmas Trees. Good stuff as always.

(via Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday: Recycled X-Mas Tree Snowboard at

Another idea that I only see Red Bull as being able to pull off, as usual. They’re just too damn good at these things.

(via Daily Grind)

A quick behind the scenes, err behind the “helmets” look at what goes into Daft Punk’s look. Apparently they haven’t been photographed without a helmet on since 1998… Now that is brand management.

Daft Punk - Behind The Helmets - Switch On The Night by Olmeca Tequila & Mixmag (by Mixmag)

You like GoPro or you don’t, but they single handedly created a whole new industry of cameras. They are amazing pieces of technology.

(via GoPro’s Video Revolution)

I really, really hope digital design does not kill off the skill and artistry of sign painting. I’d do this in a second any day over working on a computer if I had the skills and a steady hand.

(via Sign Painters (Trailer))