Another Every Third Thursday from Signal Snowboards. This time they used recycled Christmas Trees. Good stuff as always.

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Another idea that I only see Red Bull as being able to pull off, as usual. They’re just too damn good at these things.

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A quick behind the scenes, err behind the “helmets” look at what goes into Daft Punk’s look. Apparently they haven’t been photographed without a helmet on since 1998… Now that is brand management.

Daft Punk - Behind The Helmets - Switch On The Night by Olmeca Tequila & Mixmag (by Mixmag)

You like GoPro or you don’t, but they single handedly created a whole new industry of cameras. They are amazing pieces of technology.

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I really, really hope digital design does not kill off the skill and artistry of sign painting. I’d do this in a second any day over working on a computer if I had the skills and a steady hand.

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Regardless of your views of DC Shoes, you cannot disregard what they have done for the action sports community, especially skateboarding. This montage from the last 20 years doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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This is quite an intense build of a skate ledge to match a DC shoe. They made the real gum on the bottom of the ledge have the same texture as the shoe. Wow.

DC Tonik Ledge (by Anthony Hart)

This looks pretty damn fun. So simple, yet so cool. 

The iD Experience (by Anthony Hart)